Ten to Happy.

  1. Skyping with Kapta Delta Delta Delta Delta (my besties).  Knowing that even when I am forced to return home to yucky Colorado, I will have them there with me and everything is fun when we’re together.  We’re like little kids with a cardboard box, we’ll turn it into a mansion.
  2. Eat a Pink Lady.  Favorite fruit (of the moment).  I always hated eating apple skins because they made my mouth dry, but these ones are actually sweet on the outside! 
  3. Go to the library? Yes. Shock. I said it.  My roomies literally had to drag me in there,but the libraries in OZ are so much cooler than back home!!! They have an incubator with baby duckies and chicks, a sonic chair (like an iPod for your body), balloons, a coffee shop, and Frankie magazine! I'm changed!
  4. Sip a Dôme Cappuccino & catch up on the prettiest hats just in time for the Melbourne Cup in Marie Claire Australia.{via}
  5. Umm... new. tim. tam. flavor. Honeycomb!  I snuck a cheeky slam in Dôme...sshhh.
  6. Be inspired by words. (frankie mag)
  7. Listen to The Kooks “Junk of the Heart” My new happy song. 
  8. Get an adrenaline rush... i.e. the most extreme ride at the fair, even if does cost $20 to ride, it’s worth the thrill.
  9. Listen to the answer to my prayer. “Being out of balance opens the door for the devil to rob people of the good life.  The devil tempts people to live in excess and extremes.  He pushes some to be workaholics and others to be lazy, whichever works to keep them unproductive. He drives some to seek wealth above God, and convinces others that poverty is godliness.  I believe that the only safe life is a balanced life. And a balanced life is obtained by keeping its priorities in line with God’s truth. Build your life on solid, safe ground by praying to God and listening to his plan for you” (Starting Your Day Right, Joyce Meyer)."
  10. Watch some fireworks (my second favorite thing in this world… second to the ocean).


  1. I count it all as pure joy! True happiness comes only through the one who created it! Thank you Summer for helping me to find joy again!

    Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect. (Romans 12:2)

  2. This is a VERY Happy post! Love the fun and joy in it.

  3. So glad you had a good time. You and friends look beautiful in these pics. And I'm also loving the pic of the girl with the flowers in her hair. So pretty.


  4. You're so inspirational.

    Love B


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