Sea & Sun.

I finally took my new camera underwater for a 8am morning swim with Leoni! I love that my camera is perfect for a night out on the town, bonfire beach parties, underwater, or capturing a beautiful west coast sunset.  I've started to get up earlier because with working every day I don't have enough time in the day to do what I want.  I've definately decided that I don't photograph well underwater though, haha! I guess my day job as an underwater model is down the drain. {pun intended ;)}

Things I'm Loving right now:
Perfect Theme Song to an Aussie Summer
Watching the sun set on the Indian Ocean...the colours are different every day!


  1. I love underwater pictures :) Looks like you are having fun! You should prob pick a new summer song though because that would be a really awful theme.

  2. That last photograph is lovely, I so wish I had a camera to take underwater.

    Eda ♥


  3. Absolutely gorgeous photos, especially two beautiful smiling faces of precious girls. Keep smiling, take more pictures! mum

  4. Those pictures are beautiful!! Totally love them! I wish I had a camera like that!

    Lucky girl!

    Hillary @ www.thebrunetteshake.com

  5. those underwater shots are amazing. so much fun!

    B So Chic!™

  6. beautiful photos, specially the third one. What kind of camera is this? I wouldloveto get me one :)

    ps: thanks for your sweet comment on my last post. I have been following for a while now, and I love reading about your adventures in Australia

  7. Thanks Ana! It is a Lumix DMC-FT10 & I love it! You should definately get one! It's perfect for nights out partying or underwater fun! :) Thanks for following, I appreciate it so much! :)
    Have a great day, doll!


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