New Oprah.

In my Cleo Australia magazine that I caved and bought ($8... yikes!), there is an article called "Is this woman the new Oprah?"  Her name is Gabrielle Bernstein, and she is a life coach, motivational speaker, and author of the new book Spirit Junkie: A Radical Road to Self-Love and Miracles.  After reading the article, I was impressed.  She takes "The Power of Love" & "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne, meditations, and inner peace to a much more understandable level for a younger generation.   However, then I went to her website herfuture.com to learn more about this "new Oprah" and her take on inner peace. I have to admit I got a little freaked out. There is such a huge movement now, based on this girl, and she is missing such a crucial part of being happy... a personal relationship with God.  The basics that she teaches are important though, nonetheless, and I have to share them with you (but mind you, please take her website with a grain of salt).  Even with my personal guide to calming negative thoughts (The Power of Love), there is alot of it that is simply bullshit and alot of it is twisted.  But you just take what can improve your life with and leave the rest.  With that said, she has some very important tips for being happy, and I wanted to share them with you!

Gabby's Top 3 Happiness Tips:

1.  Have The Willingness To Change.  You could begin with 30 days of positive intentions, every morning saying something like, 'I'm willing to do things differently,' and then trying to use that principle every day.
2. Practice Forgiveness.  I call it the 'F' word. True happiness comes when we can surrender and let go of the past.  Recognize who you've been holding resentment towards and let that go.  Accept others and yourself.
3. Pay Attention & Have An Attitude Of Gratitude. When you're charging through life, it's easy to lose focus on what you're grateful for.
I love this quote from Gabby in the article...

"Living in the happy dream doesn't mean that I'm an enlightened master detached from the world," she says. I still love bright stilettos, soy milk lattes and tight jeans that make my butt look good.  I can love these things, but I don't need them to be happy. Happiness is a choice I make, not a hot new purchase, a romantic partner or a title on a business card.  It's not the outward surroundings that make me content. Happiness is in my mind."


  1. I am so glad you said that. I think the world is moving towards the thinking of you can make yourself happy, its all about you, and in ways that is true, I think having faith in God is the number one key to happiness. I love you summer. xoxo winter

  2. Honestly I think one's relationship with God is such a personal and individual thing that it doesn't matter what anyone recommends doing or not doing. Everyone's still going to have their own opinions and feelings about it.

    And judging by what you've posted here, Gabby's advice seems pretty positive and useful.

  3. Extremely wise advise from such a young lady! u.


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