Color Pop.

I'd like you to meet my two new dresses!  The Vero Moda Chiffon Shift Dress was my first ASOS.com purchase & I was so excited to receive it in the mail!  The reception was so sick of me asking for my package to arrive they finally taped a huge piece of paper to my door saying it finally arrived! It is free shipping both ways to Australia, so I knew I could return it if I didn't love it... but of course I loved it! The same day it arrived, I had bought this mint one-shoulder chiffon dress from Ally for only $24!  This is very exciting for me because I haven't had pretty new clothes in a very very long time because I never had room in my suitcase. I am in love with shift dresses and color blocking at the moment, so I am so excited to wear my new red dress on a girls night out! As for the mint one-shoulder, I really want to find some coral accessories to pair with it! 
My next purchase is definately going to be something with cutouts: 1, 2, 3?


  1. They are both gorgeous!!! I love the colours :) Vero Moda does make really nice clothes. I always end up buying their stuff on asos. Good choice! xx

  2. in LOVE with both dresses - but especially the minty green one! perfect!

  3. I am in love with the little greenish-baby-bluish dresss.

    so chic!

  4. Beautiful dresses. ... for the next purchase I vote for the black one... best color for 'Summer' ily

  5. simplicity at its best!



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