Cottesloe Shore.

{showing my friends my everyday life (before work) on Cottesloe Beach}
My friend Alisha from Colorado came to Cottesloe and surprised me for a visit! I am so happy that I finally am going to explore my city & the West coast. There are so many aweosme things to see and do!  In her 2 days in Cottesloe, we had a barbie @ Kings Park, watched the sunset over the ocean, played frisbee on the beach, went to the Aquarium, and explored Freo [Fremantle].  I am taking the train down to Mandura tomorrow, and we are going to have a little road trip full of crazy adventures.  I am so excited!  It is so much fun showing my friends around my new home here in Cottesloe! 
{playing on the tire swing at our barbie in Kings Park}
{at a fairy shop in Freo, writing (and reading) the wishes to the magical fairy wishing-well}
{On a sushi train ride around an awesome aquarium}


  1. I can't wait till you show me around Perth!!!


    ~ Janeyl

  2. love it!!!


  3. Oh wow looks like an amazing time. glad you enjoyed their visit.

  4. fun photos. it looks like you're having the time of your life over there.


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