Pinnacles & Penguins.

The Pinnacles, Cervantes Desert
another breathtaking Western Australian sunset
I have been in Perth for exactly 3 months today.  I can't believe it because time flies so much faster when you are working and get into a routine!  3 months on the east coast would have seemed so much longer! I am so happy that my friends gave me an excuse to take time off of work and travel the west coast.  It's been amazing exploring my city and its surroundings with my friends, but somehow its making it even more bitter to leave.  I know that I only have a month and a half left here, and I am really trying to not be upset about it.  The only way I can describe it to help you understand is that I fell in love with this beautiful life here in Australia, but it's breaking up with me in January.  Australia has changed me more than anyone will know, and I know I will always look back to it and remember how amazing life can really be.  I am trying to remember that the future still has amazing things around the world to show me, places so amazing I couldn't even imagine it (just like I couldn't have imagined how amazing life was here).  I'll be spending the next month soaking up as much sun as I can before heading back to snowy Colorado.  I'll be swimming in the ocean everyday and working to save enough money to head off to my next surprise destination to wherever the wind blows me {aka. whatever God decides}.
Penguin Island, Rockingham


  1. these photos are really beautiful! its great passing time with friends,relaxing.

  2. What an incredible journey you are on....thanks for the excitement your pictures and writing show... how fluid life is- ever changing- yet offering new chapters around every bend...


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