It's 104 degrees outside (40C) and I think I have a fever, but I can't tell because it's so hot.  No fan, no air conditioning, no ice, no mommy to take care of me.  It's times like these coming home to my big fluffy bed sounds so perfect.   I also ended up with bed bugs in my bunk bed, twice this month.  It's nearing the end of my trip, as it started out being a 4 month journey and changed into a year.  I have met the most incredible people and changed my entire perspective on life in this year.  I also have worn the same clothes for 11 and 1/2 months now.  Sick of my wardrobe does not even begin to cover it.  You know your in a fashion rut when you prefer to wear your work uniform rather than your own clothes. I can see now how spoiled I actually have been my whole life to live the way that I did, and hopefully, that makes me a better person in the future because I truly can appreciate the simplest things in life now.  I get really excited if I go to someone's house and get to drink out of a glass because for almost a year now I have had to drink out of bowls or mugs.  That's just the backpacker lifestyle though, and I've grown actually attached to it.  When I think about my big room back home with 2 closets, I actually cannot believe what on earth I could have needed that would fill a whole room.  I feel like I have everything I need here in one suitcase, everything but my family.  Christmas made me a new person, and it gave me the homesickness I needed to finally accept going home.  I officially know no popular music, I have no idea what's playing in the cinemas, I haven't cut my hair for 8 months, I haven't seen the latest Real World, I have no idea who's dating who in the celebrity world, and I honestly have lost all touch with the latest trends. But I have never been happier.  So, I must have done something right on this trip.  There's so much clutter in our lives that we don't even realize, so at least I have cut everything down to the bare minimum and I know that I can survive this way, and somehow that's empowering and gives me hope!Don't worry though, I still love myself a pair of gorgeous heels or a Mulberry handbag.  And I am sure that when I get home that all that clutter will hit me in the face.  But for now, I'm still enjoying the simple life.
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  1. that is the best experience you could have gotten out of this trip! i remember when you left and congrats to you for making the absolute best out of it, kudos! i would love to visit australia one day, you've inspired me! xx


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  3. Your journeys have touched the lives of many and you not only take away many memories but you have left your incredible imprint along the way. I hope as you bid farewell to Aussie, and hello to Cali, you find that your life-journey is just beginning...again.


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