Goodbye Cottesloe.

The countless beautiful sunsets over the Indian Ocean, I will never forget them.  Cottesloe, my home in Australia, I will always remember your perfect aqua water every morning and your breathtaking sunsets every evening.  I love this photo, a finalist for the Canon EOS competition.  It perfectly describes how I feel as this adventure in Australia draws to a close, and where else could it have been taken but my favorite place, Cottesloe.


  1. Amazing outstanding photography! Award winning indeed! You've tugged at my heart strings and moved my spirit..... especially with the look in the puppy's eyes... Yes, goodbye Cottesloe, thank you for your many blessings.

  2. These photos are stunning, definitely makes me want to visit Australia! Lovely blog xo


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  4. AnonymousJuly 10, 2012

    Again, your post makes my heart jump for joy at the beauty and grace that has filled your heart and resounds in your photos and writings. :)


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