Home Sweet.

Well, I'm back in Colorado.  It's surreal and all too real.  I had the most incredible sleep last night in my fluffy big bed, and I woke up & made chocolate chip waffles (which I haven't had in a year).  Above is my instagram-photo-diary of my last week in OZ.  My girls in Cottesloe and threw me an amazing goodbye dinner at Little Creatures (a brewery/restaurant I have been dying to go to since I had arrived).   We had a private wine tasting at our friend's wine bar and ate an amazing creme caramel dessert.  Heaven!  I flew to Sydney and had a long walk around the city to say farewell.  There were some awesome Louis Vuitton Australian-themed window displays that I loved, and after an 18 flight I finally arrived home.
I missed making waffles in the morning!
 Wrapping all my presents for my family & friends "A Very Merry Un-Christmas"
 I came home to the cutest decorations my friends made for me to welcome me home!

Even though I already miss Australia terribly, there are some amazing things about being home:
1. Celebrating "A Very Merry Un-Christmas" with my friends & family today
2. Baking
3. It's like going shopping in my closet because I have so many clothes I forgot about
4.  My bed is Ah-mazing & it's bed-bug free
5. I'm moving to San Diego, California in 2 weeks with one of my best friends
6. Being with my puppy again
7. Simple conveniences that I used to take for granted (like dishwashers, detangler, waffle makers, etc...)  I think everyones already getting sick of me being excited over these things.  "Oh my gosh, I forgot about coffee makers! How exciting!!!!!"
8. High speed internet I don't have to pay a fortune for, so I can update my blog more often Xx


  1. Welcome back to the states ;)
    I love the decorations, you have awesome friends!


  2. i'm gonna miss your australia updates, i loved hearing about how an outsider found my country. i've loved following your journey here and i can't wait to hear about the adventures that await you in san diego :) xx

  3. Your room decorations look amazing! That must have been a fun surprise! Enjoy your time back; nothing compares to that feeling of being home.

    xo, gina



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