Things You Wish You Packed.

1. Mix & Mismatch Bikinis.  
My friends & I love to shop at Victoria's Secret for these.  The best part is you can have so many different bikinis. Go on: Mix and Mismatch! 

2. A new perfume.
The key to this one is to get a scent that you love but have never worn before.  They say that scent is the strongest tie to memory, so pick a new scent that will take you back to your trip even after you've left. Plus, you get to smell good while your traveling. Who knows? You might meet a cute guy to make some new memories with! This one was mine & it totally works!
3. Eyemask & Earplugs
Channel your inner Holly Golightly & sleep all day, but keep the noisy roommates or traffic noises from keeping you from your beauty sleep!  This is especially helpful when trying to get rid of jet lag.

4.  A travel mirror
Some places don't have great lighting or even a mirror to put on makeup.  Something like this would've been perfect!  I wish I had bought this to begin with.

5. Different sized locks
Make sure they're sturdy! For your suitcase get one with 4 digits, not 3.  Then, bring a really thick one for lockers. Very important... you don't want anyone stealing your camera with all your pictures from your trip on it!

6. A Journal (any kind will do) and Pens (pens are like gold when traveling!)
My twinzies & I kept a journal with notes from people we met and pictures and tickets from places we went.  I like this more personal take on the scrapbook you typically make at the end of your trip.  This way, the people you meet along the way can contribute pictures and funny memories.  My memory is terrible, so this helps me so much in reliving my trip! I think this one is super cute.

7. Portable Speakers for your iPod 
For those quiet, lazy days on the beach with your friends, add some music with these! There were few travelers who had these, but the ones who did were always surrounded with people.  People love the music!

8. Fake Mustaches
I don't know how to explain it, but fake mustaches are so useful!  I brought one with me and I could've used it for so many different occasions.  I saved it for the perfect occasion, though: A Gender-Bender Theme Party at Surf Camp. What can I say? They're just funny! I'm a big fan of this collection.

9.  LBB: Little Brown Belt
The simple solution to making any outfit 10 times better.  I brought a braided brown leather belt that doubled as a hippie headband.  It was probably my most used item, and I was so sad when I lost it towards the end of my trip.  This one is a great size.

10. Sarong
It is thin and compact. It works as a cover up, a towel, a sheet, a scarf, a tent... and you'll probably find many other uses.  It's the perfect item, and I am in looooove with this one.


  1. Good ones! I'll have to keep fake mustaches in mind next time I have to pack :) A crumply hat and a big scarf are always a must for me.

  2. I alwaysss pack so many bikinis, I have so many, VS always has an awesome mix and match deal. And a sarong! I have one and love it, so convenient and versatile. I might even look for another one this next trip.



  3. Lovely pictures. Love the pastel bikini and the brown belt!

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