Best Year Ever.

When I first decided to go to Australia and blog about it, I bought myself my first "real" camera: a Canon PowerShot SX30 IS.  Then, I found out about this great website called 365 Project.  It was a challenge to practice my photography by taking 1 picture every day for the whole year.  Well, it has been one year, and I finished! I am just a beginner photographer, but these are some of my favorites from my year in Australia.  I would love to hear what you think! 

I encourage anyone and everyone to get a 365 Project!  It is so fun to look back on your year and trigger some memories with your favorite photos.  Some days I just used my iPod or my underwater camera to take pictures. Let me know if you get one & I'll follow you!
 If you'd like to see more from my year on 365 Project:


  1. Oh wow, these photographs are incredible I love them!


    Eda ♥

  2. excellent. you have inspired me to join the project ;)

  3. You are SOOO much more than a beginning photographer....I've never seen anything as beautiful! Time to submit to professional magazines!

  4. Ooo this sounds intresting. think I may have to join in too!! gona have a little nosey at your pictures now and check the site out.

  5. oh this is great! i might join this project too! great photos!

  6. These are all amazing--congrats on a whole year of photography! That spider one and the one of the wave--wow!

  7. Beautiful photos!


  8. Sounds like an interesting project.
    Every picture is great work, but I really like the first one. Seems so unreal. Like it's a miniature place, not real.


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