Bakers Gone Wild.

Someday, I want to own a muffin shop called Jeneé’s, filled with every kind of cupcake, muffin, cake, pastry and sugary baked item imaginable. It will have an intricate muffin tree in the center.  It will be our little heaven on earth.  I don’t want to give too much away, but my friends and I have had pre-tty thorough discussions on Jeneé’s Muffin Shop...such as, how we will undoubtedly pool our enormous incomes together when we get settled in our careers to create our dream mufcakery just for the fun of it. Trust me, it’s a brilliant plan.  It’s just so sad that a place like our muffin shop doesn’t exist yet because we don’t have the funds right now, but Miss Amber Gray knows exactly what we’ve been dreaming about.  If you missed this post, I'd like to reintroduce to you the fabulous world of Amber Gray Photography.  This time, she has created a fantasy world of every girl’s dream of indulging her self so shamelessly in sugar until her hair turns cotton candy colored.  For now, it's only in our dreams, and of course Amber Gray’s camera lens…that is, until Jeneé’s becomes a reality.


  1. Wow!! You were right!! I'm totally overwhelmed!! It's absolutely gorgeous!! I'm gonna check out her web site right now... thanks for sharing!! XXX


  2. I am so beyond obsessed with these pictures - such stunning work! :)

  3. nice post :)
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  4. Great editorial!

    The muffin shop sounds amazing!!

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  5. Marvellous photos *.*, she is highly talented! Hope your dream becomes true ^.^



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