Jane by Design.

Now that I have internet again, thanks heavens, I have been catching up on all the shows I've missed in the past year.  One that I have recently become addicted to is Jane by Design (styled by Erica Dasher) on ABC Family.  It's about a high school girl who accidentally lands her dream job as a personal assistant to a fashion designer.  It's a younger (and more fun) version of the Devil Wears Prada and oh so addicting. I love this girl; she's awkward, super expressive, and still really beautiful. I especially love her style in the show.  All of her outfits look so fun & slightly remind me of the combinations The Daybook would put together (who I've always admired).  Jane is a master of mixing separates of all different textures, colors, and patterns in a way that creates a fun, unexpected silhouette.
Check it out:
{via} if you are wanting a formula on how to put together similar outfits out of your own closet, check out this website: Steal Jane Quimby's Outfits.

Love this theme song!
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  1. cute!!!


  2. Her style is so sweet and whimsical! I haven't seen any US TV since moving to Europe, but this looks like a cute one. Glad I stumbled upon your blog!


  3. Thanks for your comment, fabulous post!!


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