Barbarella & The Beach.

My new favorite restaurant in San Diego: Barbarella.  They scored major brownie points by their adorable decorations (large light bulb lamps, oversized wine corkscrews, polkadot umbrellas, tons of flowers, and outdoor patio), warm blankets, fresh out-of-the-oven sourdough bread, and the best latte I have had since I was in Australia. Finally, someone who knows how to make coffee like the Aussies do!  It feels like your eating in someone's gorgeous garden/back yard. Plus, they are located right on the La Jolla beach, right near my apartment. Score!


  1. these are some really nice pics!
    love the third one.it reminds me something of a romantic movie scene!

  2. lovely photographs.


    Eda ♥

  3. You have such an amazing eye for capturing the essence of a scene and then bringing it to life with your words.

    Another amazing post!


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