Busy B.

I had some friends over for a barbie/pool party at my place today to celebrate the sunny weather.
Downtown San Diego for a Girls Night Out w/ Jess.
Just one of my 3 cup-of-Joe's to get me through the early mornings.
Celebrating not having to work at Yogen Fruz by eating... Yogen Fruz!
I <3 lamps.
La Jolla Sunset.
Free concert/conference with Joyce Meyer, one of my fav motivational speakers.
I love this dancing game, but the best part was watching the boys dance to Britney.
We could see the field from the boys' apartment downtown. Go Padres!
(I love the 35x-zoom on my camera <3)


  1. I love that sunset! And I'm so jelous of that sunny weather!

  2. Awesome weather! I didn't know you were in San Diego??
    I am too!!!


  3. like your blog, started to follow it
    maybe you have time to check mine and follow back
    have a great day


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