Feel Professional.

I got a job in San Diego and today is my first day!  The first thing I did when I knew I got the job was, of course, go shopping!  It is my first 9-5 job, and I am so excited.  Here's just a sneek-peek of what I got!  If you'd like to see my inspiration for my new business wardrobe, you can check out my "Feel Professional" Pinboard. With the spring blossoms, I love this feeling of new beginnings here in Cali. 
Blush blazer- Charlotte Russe/Necklace & Blouse- Forever 21


  1. Congrats on getting the job!

  2. What kind of job is it? beautiful style like always! love your sis Janeyl

  3. WOW, you should knock them off their feet. Are you wearing a chic little pencil skirt with it?

    Feel beautiful and strong and thankful as you walk through those doors today.


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