As American as Apple Pie.

Some of my friends and I took a day trip up to the little town of Julian, best known for their apple orchards and apple pie.  It is about an hour North East of San Diego.  What a perfect way to spend the first weekend in October!  We did a hike around the lake and discovered some wild turkeys.  Then, we went into town to get some lunch at Julian Cafe and had a homemade fresh apple pie from Mom's Bakery.  After that, we went apple picking in the orchards. It was nice to get away from the rush of the city for a bit, but I am happy to be back by the ocean.  It's finally starting to feel a bit like fall, now.  I think I will be making my special Autumn Spice Cider soon. 


  1. Love it, can almost smell the apple pie..

  2. great photos!
    applepies are so tasty!

  3. amazing photos!



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