A Great Day.

What would make today great?  If I could ask myself this everyday and reach towards that goal by doing some of these “great day” ideas every day, maybe I could start to feel like every day was a great day and live without regrets on how I spent my time.  It wouldn’t have to be big, but each step might bring me closer to the kind of day that I want to spend.

So many times in a week I say, “I feel like I don’t have any time!”  The truth is I do have the same amount of time as I did before, I am just choosing ways of living it that make me feel as if I am not living it in the best way possible.  On this journey of trying to find balance in my life, I have created this list of what would make today a “great day” in practical terms.  Of course, impractically, I would quit my job, fly to Australia, and spend the entire day drinking Mimosas on the beach with my twinzies.   Daydreaming is good and I believe in the absolute possibility of that being feasible, but I know it is not practical for this particular day.   Sometimes you have to learn to appreciate what you have in this very moment without getting distracted by the "what-ifs" and "could-bes."  By knowing the elements of what it would take to make today a great day, it will make it incredibly easier to make it a reality.

·        Wake up on time and feel full of energy to take on the day

·        Having a Skype date with one of my best friends at the Coffee Bean & Tea House while I have a yogurt and fruit parfait and a Dragon Tea Latte (still off of coffee a.t.m.)

·        Walk to the bus & walk to work from the bus stop (mini-workout)

·        Have a great balance of energy throughout the whole day

·        Sit down at work and great everyone with a genuine smile

·        Write a productive to-do list for the day and accomplish everything on it

·        Work on and present my creative ideas to top management with a great response and back-up

·        Have productive conversations at work with my colleagues

·       Make people happy at work by doing something special for them (I.e. bring coffee, make brownies, etc..)

·        Go to the beach on my lunch break- meditate and devo while snacking on some healthy foods

·        Improve the workplace a little bit every day (work towards my goal of making it as fun as Google)

·       Empower the people around me and inspire my friends (via text/Facebook/blog) throughout the day to be better

·        After work sunset yoga and a massage afterwards

·        Meet up with my friends for our weekly Monday meet-up to learn about our pasts and present and be there for each other and love eachother while eating some great food and sharing insights

·         Have time to write a great blog post without feeling pressured or rushed

·        Clarity of thought & Only speaking when I have something of value to say throughout the day

·         Learn something new to improve myself and actually apply it

·        Bake something amazing from my Pinterest “Feel Hungry” board without over-eating it and saving it to spread joy throughout the day tomorrow

·        Spend some time in the Word and get filled up on God’s love for me until I am overflowing with joy

·        Spend the rest of the night talking and laughing with my roomies and going to bed feeling like I had accomplished great things today
What would you add to your list?


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