Break-Up Letter to Sugar.

I found this break up letter to refined sugar on MyFitnessPal.com and am officially declaring my break-up with sugar with fellow-fitness-pal, Michelle.  It has been such a struggle to get to this point, and I just hope I can stay strong & stay away!  This is a problem:
Dear Refined Sugar,

You and I have had a very complicated relationship for many years, so I think it’s time to be honest with you. You’re really amazing and I find you irresistible, but unfortunately you bring out the very worst in me. I’m sorry, but I’ve come to the conclusion that things have got to change and you can’t be a part of my life any more. I realize that it will be difficult to break this off, but I must leave you and never look back.

I didn’t see it at first because things seemed so innocent in the beginning. But the more I’m around you, the more I see just how much you control me. You nearly ruined my life and you had me convinced that I couldn’t live without you. I listened to your lies. You promised comfort, companionship, relief from stress, happiness, and a promise to fill that void in my heart. But your promises are empty. When we were together it felt so sweet and soothing. You would lure me into your emotional trap and I’d fall prey to your temptations every time. I knew it was wrong. Other people warned me about you, but you’re so convincing. When you’re around I lose all track of my senses, and it’s like I can’t say “no”. You’re a sweet poison to me, feeding off my weaknesses and taking away my strength to resist. You leave an aftermath of depression, a lack of energy and sometimes I feel unable to cope with life. Some days I couldn’t even leave the house because of how depressed I was. The moments we had together were deceptive, because as soon as you were gone I’d feel worse than I did before. All the highs and lows you bring are too much for me to handle, and I can’t let you do that to me any longer.

I don’t think you even realize all the things I’ve gone through just to be with you. All the pain, embarrassment you’ve caused, and grief you’ve brought upon me just isn’t worth it any more. I’ve turned down quite a few opportunities and let go of some really important things just for you. You bring me down in so many ways, and I think you deserve someone who can handle your “unique” qualities. Someone who doesn’t react to you the way I do. You need to find someone who is stronger than I am. I thought I was a strong person, but when you show up, I’m weak. So maybe it’s not just you, it’s me. I think the chemistry is all wrong between us, and our relationship just isn’t healthy.

Unfortunately you know that deep down I still love you, and there will probably be days when I’m tempted to come running back. I know you’ll be waiting. However, I think it would be best if you just stay away for a while, and leave me alone so I can heal. I have to move forward and I can’t recover with you hanging around my house, so it’s time for you to go. You’ve caused so much damage, and I’ve allowed you to control me far too long. I’m sick of you, my friends are sick of you too, and honestly, you’re a burden to everyone you come into contact with. From this point forward I’m taking my life back. I’m in control of my future now.

I must confess to a new love in my life. It’s Gym. I need balance, vitality, strength and health. Time with gym does that for me. I never got that with you. I’m moving on and I think you should do the same.


[& Summer]

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