What’s it feel like right before you jump? I have the privilege to know that feeling, a feeling I love and know all too well. It feels like you’re about to fly- like life is waiting for you to jump in and enjoy the amazing things it has to offer. It’s freedom. Right before you jump, you can’t hear anything. Your body becomes only a servant to your mind. Your mind races, so fast you can’t keep up with its reasoning. Then, there is that moment when your mind says, “Jump!” This is when you black out, and all you can see is your feet leaving that cliff, as you fall and fall, and the fall seems so long. While you’re mid air all you can do is scream, not a regular scream but a scream expelling every breath of air you have in your body. Sometimes you will hit hard, and it will be the most excruciating feeling. But when you’re under water, all you see is blue- you see the life and feel nothing once again. You can’t move. You don’t want to. All you want to do is continue this blue feeling. Instant calm, but once you reach the surface you remember the pain that you just incurred, and you can no longer control your emotions, so you turn young, and so fragile, and afraid. While I’ve jumped and hurt beyond measure, I crave it so much. I feel I am standing on the cliff of life, and I keep bending my knees preparing for departure, but my mind is saying jump and my body is too rational. It’s as if I am literally glued with fear. Sometimes you need to give into your curiosity to truly experience life. I want to feel the fear, the pain, the excitement, the blue, the young! I want it all. I want to jump!
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