Life is starting to get monotonous.  I have learned to be thankful for steady and thankful for monotony, but there is still that travel bird caged up inside of me just wishing it were free.   I know I am where I need to be for now, and I am okay with that.  One of my 2013 goals is to travel alot more than I did in 2012, and that is something that I very much intend to and will do. I just have to remind myself that it is coming and that I just need to prepare for now.  Meanwhile, my best friend that I met while in Australia is coming to visit me for 2 weeks.  I am taking my vacation days and spending them touring her around my (new) home town of San Diego.  We will make a little road trip up to Los Angeles, as well.  I am beyond excited to show her America for the first time.
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