Blue Bottle & Boba.

San Francisco was incredibly charming and surprisingly cold.  I've always dreamt of crossing the Golden Gate Bridge, and I couldn't leave California quite yet until I did.  I am so happy that Amanda and I decided to go on weekend adventure to SF for the 4th of July!  There are so many different personalities that you can travel with, but my absolute favorite people to travel with are those that can just go with the flow.  Amanda and I tried to treat each moment as an adventure and that is exactly what we got!  I have found from traveling all over Australia, Europe, and the US that the best memories are not planned.

My favorite moments in San Francisco were definitely ones that we could've never dreamt up:


  1. AnonymousJuly 12, 2013

    Great montage of pictures with amazing descriptions that took me on the journey with you. You do get around!

  2. Jenni! You are so inspiring!

  3. Love this!! I'm headed to sanfran in a couple weeks and can't wait :)


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