Brandy Melville USA.

I have lived in San Diego for about 1 year and half exactly now.  Tell me why is it that I have just learned of this store in Pacific Beach?   Brandy Melville USA.  It's so perfectly California.  It's not too expensive either.  I will definitely be stocking up on Cali gear at this store before I leave.  (You see- you have to get the touristy stuff when you leave a place, not when you arrive.)

I wear my Colorado and Vail stuff when I am in Australia.  
I wear my Australia gear in California. 
And I will wear my Brandy Melville clothing in New Zealand. 

Some exceptions for wearing same-country clothing while in said country may apply:
when it is the country's "Day" 
some other memorial day 
 independence day 
or anything relating to wars or freedom
 or if you just feel patriotic that day.

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