All Work, All Play.

I haven’t written in ages, and it’s actually been really nice because it became a job to me.   Don’t get me wrong.... I loved my job.  I just couldn’t write all day for work and then come home and write to relax.  It just doesn’t work that way no matter what profession you're in or how much you love what you do.

I have always been all work or all play.  I just can’t seem to achieve the two simultaneously for too long.  These past 3 months have gone by in a blur, and that is not how I want to live my life.  I know that there are times in life when you really just need to “buckle down” and “give it all that you’ve got,” but I am ready to learn to live again.  I don’t want to go crazy and leave my job behind or anything, but I am ready to regain a bit of control in my time and how I use it.

So, here's what I did:  I wrote two lists.

One list is all the things that I have to do.  On the other list is all the things that I want to do.

It’s actually surprising how many things were on both lists and the things I came up with when I wasn’t limited to the words “have to.”

It turns out I really do care about a lot of the things on my Have-to list, and that makes me feel happier already just knowing that.   Realizing a list item as something that is driven by desire and not only out of obligation is already a win for me.   Then, there were some really random things I came up with on my Want-to list.  It was fun to feel free and unrestricted from the voices of everyone else and what they think I should do and to finally listen to what I want to do for a change.

I’ve learned in my life that it doesn’t take a huge undertaking to achieve a goal.  All it takes is putting pen to paper and articulating what it is you want.  Once you know what you want (which is the hardest part), the rest will follow naturally as you take small steps to achieve it. 

What do I want?  

Apparently I want to jump on a plane to Thailand and ride an elephant.  I didn’t even know that was even floating around in my head until I wrote it down, but now I have something to take action towards and hopefully one day I will ride that elephant and feel fulfilled in some way or another because I did something that I wanted to do.

A few other things I wrote down…

  • To fly away to Thailand and ride an elephant
  • To write in my blog (see! it’s already working)
  • To take more pictures of New Zealand
  • Spend more time at a local pub hanging out with friends
  • Have more alone time with God
  • Sleep in on the weekends and not feel guilty
  • Talk with my family and friends back home more
  • Be a better friend
  • To feel healthy physically
  • To have beautiful clothes that make me feel pretty
  • To feel successful at work but also able to leave at 5
  • Do yoga routinely – body/mind balance
  • Learn how to make delicious, healthy meals
  • Play piano
  • Write a book
  • Help my daddy with his book
  • Help mommy with her business
  • To feel “at home” somewhere
  • Spend the summer in the burger truck
  • Explore more of New Zealand

Here’s to our wishes, dreams, and goals! That we may realize their superiority in our thoughts and to treat them with the attention that they deserve.


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