The Bounty Drink.

So, I was stuck in a very random small mountain town in New South Wales for three days.
Nothing to do but climb a "mountain" (ahem...hill) which of course is not appealing to me since I come from Colorado.  So, I had to find something to make me happy while I was in this tiny mountain town called Murwillumbah. 

Enter Luffley Cafe and the "Liquid Bounty."

It is a hot chocolate frothed with coconut monin flavoring.  
It tastes like a Bounty candy bar (if you don't have bounty, it's like an almond joy minus the almond).
Sooooooo amazing.
I had one every day that I was there, and I spread the word to everyone I talked to... in the coffee shop, on the street, in the hostel.  I said the only reason I would ever come back to Murwillumbah would be to drink one of these. It just so happened that after I left to go to the next town, some friends and I rented a car and drove down from Queensland to New South Wales just for this yummy drink!


  1. wowww that looks incredible!!!


  2. Great combination!


  3. those coffees or late's look incredible! mmmmm


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