Who Am I?

Who we are is who we chose to be.  That is a fact, my lovely friends.  I have been thinking a lot about this fact of life.  The real question in life isn't, ‘What am I here to do or have?’ It is, ‘who am I here to be?’  It’s a new start when you are in a new place, and it’s easier to change the things you don’t like about yourself.  So, I am taking the time that I have (due to lack of job at the moment) and focusing my energy on bettering myself (which is extremely eye opening and humbling).  I’ve mentioned before that I am using a book to help me simplify my life and focus on the present, rather than worrying so much on the past and future. “When I am trying to live yesterday today, it brings great pressure.  The same thing happens if I am out in the future- dreading it or trying to figure it out.” I am constantly looking for what is next, what is greater and better than what I already have, but I have found that joy cannot be found in that mindset. 

The best example for joy is childlike joy (trusting, loving, forgiving). “It is a child’s nature to trust unless he has experienced something that teaches him otherwise.”   We get so hardened by the world that we no longer love or trust or forgive.  Another thing I have been focusing (very hard) on is letting Australia go (for now).  It may come back to my life in the future, but for now I know that I need to be here in San Diego.  This really helped me and is still helping me to focus on living in the moment:  “Seek God first, desire Him more than anything else, and you will find that He will bless you with what is right for you to have.”

“If you are unhappy and have lost your joy because of something you desire but don’t have, I encourage you not to allow that desire to dominate you.  Whatever you do have, you should be in control of it and never allow it to control you.”

Lastly, I have been focusing on simplicity.  There is so much excess in our lives today. We complicate our lives in unnecessary ways.  I truly learned of my own excess when I was backpacking around Australia for a year and had to haul my life around in one suitcase.  But that one suitcase was more than enough of what I needed, and I had never been happier.  So, when I returned home, I got rid of the majority of the things that I owned because I realized I didn’t need those things to make me happy.  Simplifying your life is rejuvenating and exciting because when you finally get rid of the unnecessary stuff or activities or worries, it makes room for some incredible things to happen in your life.  For me, it was freeing.  I don’t feel tied down anymore, and I feel free as a bird to travel the world (or stay where I am). 

So, join me on my new journey here in California to become a now person.  Enjoying the simplicity in things, finding childlike joy again, and living completely in the moment with full trust that everything will work out. 

In <3 with my beautiful new dress from ASOS


  1. Now person... I like it! I just try to enjoy simple ordinary things in my life and not worry too much. Sometimes it's difficult, though!

  2. Ohh, your dress is truly gorgeous! <3 I love the lace detailing!

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